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In order to promote the changes in which we believe and fight for the guarantee of rights, Íntimo Colorido develops several actions with the objective of potentiating life stories. Check here

We are Seed Balls

Have you ever heard of "Seed Balls"? The inspiration we seek to build our model of social performance came from permaculture.

Made from a mixture of clay, organic compounds and water, "Seed Balls" are released on vacant lots, roadside or non-vegetated areas and, because they are highly fertile, they are able to generate new flowers and fruits. Then, little by little, they change a landscape significantly.

Using this technique as a metaphor, we intend - through our practices - to sow in specific contexts projects loaded with meaningful and powerful contents that can flourish and generate positive impact.

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Social projects

We believe that working with the feminine is also working with the heart of a community. A psychologically sick woman means, in many cases, a sick mother, which can result in a sick family. All these dilemmas, even indirectly, reflect on society. For us, colouring the lives of these women is a synonym of strengthening and empowering their path and choices.

In its "Social Projects", Íntimo Colorido promotes handicraft workshops that are offered as an alternative source of income. The intention is to make of these meetings moments of reflection on the importance of caring for oneself, for maintaining the affections present in the different relationships and for the elaboration of life projects.

The contents are always shared in groups in a sensitive way, using music, body movements, dance, contact, poetry and films to reach their goals. The coexistence environment enables the sharing of unique knowledge and a constant flow of exchanges between participants.

We already have workshops in several cities in Brazil and we know incredible stories. We invite you to know more about this work here.

Women helping Women

We are numerous, with different paths and experiences, with multiple potentials - some already awake, others still asleep waiting for the right time to germinate. What if we could do something for each other?

"Women Helping Women" is a call to recognize ourselves as multipliers. Through this activity, we want to create a network of intensive connection, of mutual strengthening, and add different work, skills and ideas that, together, can contribute to the empowerment and visibility of women living in situations of risk and social vulnerability.

The first production of Íntimo Colorido, a result of the joined community efforts and will for change, took place in Dublin, the Irish capital. United, Brazilian immigrants living in the European city developed a work of listening and raising awareness of women living in the streets. From the interviews and encounters, the exhibition "We Are All Women" was born that sought to draw attention to one of the main social problems in Dublin nowadays. Check here

Women Around the World and For a New World

In several countries around the globe, there are people and initiatives engaged and willing to transform realities and solve situations that, especially, negatively affect the trajectory of women.

What we need is these organizations to become well-known beyond their field of action and, from there, build connections.

Information barrier is, in different cases, what separates cultures, causes and people interested in acting. To begin to solve this problem and overcome the obstacles, Íntimo travels to these places and gets to know different projects, realities and ways of life. With this experience, we want to map and disseminate initiatives that promote women's emancipation and move towards a more collaborative society.

We started our journey in 2015 in Morocco. In 2016, we were in a Refugee camp in France. Check here where we have already been.

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