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Íntimo Colorido was featured on the French page of the Women's Refugee Field Center in Dunkirk.


There was a devastating fire in the Camp days after finishing our work and the refugee women, who no longer had a decent place to be, had their belongings burned. The organizations L'Auberge des Migrants and Help Refugees are addressing immediate and emergency needs. To help, access:

Íntimo Colorido was invited to participate in the podcast section of the website Hiperbólico, a super cool philosophy proposal that seeks to promote an online space of openness, dialogue and reflection, putting our knowledge in motion. In the program you will be able to listen to stories about Intimo Colorido's trajectory and initiatives, as well as get information about current and future projects. On the website they provide various contents produced by different people committed to a certain questioning philosophical attitude, that is, a "hyperbolic attitude." Íntimo Colorido is glad to be considered one of them. Press play and listen to the podcast. We wish you a great program:

PS: The program is only available in Portuguese.


O Projeto Jardim 

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