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About Íntimo Colorido

 What if we all had the same opportunities? We believe this way the world would become a better place. Therefore, Íntimo Colorido walks to build a worthier life for all women. Our projects are focused on the empowerment of women who are in different conditions of social vulnerability – homeless women, refugees, women deprived of their freedom, the elderly, residents of rural areas, among many others.

We know that women considered the most excluded and devalued, within the scale of privileges of the patriarchal structure, are those who, day by day, face more situations of oppression and/or exploitation. So Íntimo looks at them. We act to fight the social invisibility experienced by many of them.

Through our projects we seek to promote spaces of coexistence for the participants with content of reception, sharing of experiences, strengthening of bonds and community identity.

During our practices we encourage self-esteem and critical thinking. This indirectly reflects in a material and historical change, which includes an increase in self-esteem, autonomy and leadership.


Transformation is Collective

Íntimo Colorido believes that, whether in Brazil or around the world, a revolution is under way. But it will only be possible with creativity and collaboration between women. Since together we are capable of producing great transformations.

Therefore, in its work, Íntimo invites other female voices, who have the interest for the construction of a new model of society in common, for the collective elaboration of strategies to fight prejudices and stigmas that affect, in varying proportions, women around the world.

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